Last updated 12/06/12

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Accuracy 70%
User Interface 90%
Ease of Setup 85%
Features 30%

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Bottom line: After trying more than a handful of family locator apps, I’d have to say that LociLoci is my favorite. It’s simple to use even for those that are not so tech savvy and I’m able to track as many family and friends as I want (unlimited phone tracking). Yes, it’s simple and does not have all of the bells and whistles that some of the other locator services have but it has what I need and the features that I’m looking for.

Pros and Cons: LociLoci certainly has a lot of pros. One of my favorites is the ability to add as many phones as I’d like and monitor phones on any network. I also like that I do not need to install or download an app. This means that I can also monitor older phones that do not have GPS capabilities, such as phones that my older, retired parents have.

I love the simple user interface that I can monitor from my desktop at home, my computer at work or my tablet on the go. The minute I log on, I can see all phones I’m tracking without having to go to a menu, choose a phone and sift through endless unnecessary features that I don’t really need.

The only con that I can see is that my children can opt out of this anytime by rejecting to be monitored. As a parent, I just simply do not allow them to and, if they want a phone that is paid for, they have to agree to be monitored.


The popularity of family locator services seems to be growing exponentially. Most, if not all, of the major cell phone carriers now offer a family locator service. In addition, there are also several independent companies offering locator services and applications. LociLoci is one of the newest on the market, coming from a far as Sweden.

Did you know! Just like LociLoci; IKEA, H&M, Skype, Spotify and Volvo are all from Sweden.

The family lcoator was created specifically to help families manage their daily life irrespective of which carrier they have – because it works across all the major ones. LociLoci is a no frills service that does exactly what family locator services were intended to do in the simplest way possible. It tells each family member where the other is, shows the location on a map and is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

LociLoci gives a parent the ability to always know where their children are. It works with all phones, which means you don’t have to buy your children expensive smartphones that they may damage or lose. The service will work with any ordinary GSM cell phone and smartphone alike. If the one you want to track has a smartphone, then Lociloci will considerably improve the accuracy of the location as it activates the GPS inside the phone passively.

Works with all major carriers

LociLoci also works with all major carriers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile) and can be accessed via a desktop computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet. This means you can track anyone that accepts your invite, irrespective of whether they have a smartphone or regular phone, or which carrier they have. It also works in the whole US.

There is no credit card required for the free trial and all you need to do to begin using LociLoci is to register online.

Locate unlimited amount of people/phones with one account

As opposed to many of the other locator services, with LociLoci, you do not have a limit on how many phones you can add to the account. You can add as many friends and family members as you want. All you do is enter their name and phone number and LociLoci will send them a text message. After they reply back, they have given consent to be tracked and are able to be tracked by only you! Once you’ve added everyone you’d like to have on your LociLoci account, you can see them all appear on the active map interface.

User Interface and Accuracy: Subpar

LociLoci has a simple, user friendly interface. This is probably the neatest and cleanest interface I have come across when it comes to family locators. The LociLoci interface, which uses Google Maps, can be viewed as a standard street map, a satellite map or a hybrid version. After logging on, you’ll be able to see your phone on the map, as well as all others on your account. While using LociLoci, I found it to be quite accurate. LociLoci depicts your phone on the screen surrounded by a circle perimeter. My phone was usually within 50-100 feet from the center of the circle that was depicted on the map. My children had also very good accuracy, maybe not pin-point, but much better than the other family locator services I reviewed.

LociLoci family locator tracks cell phones through built-in GPS (if the ones you track have a smartphone) and GSM tracking technology (for regular and smart phones). It collects data from cell towers and uses its transmissions to locate phones. The combination of GPS and GSM technology enhances accuracy that tends to be unreliable with most other locator services. Since built in GPS is not required, regular phones and smartphones can both be tracked using LociLoci.

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Plan Set Up: Super easy

LociLoci family locator is easy to set up and can be done on any computer, laptop or tablet. LociLoci is also unique in that you will not need to download and install an app on the main phone signing up for the service or any of the phones being monitored. To get started, all you need to do is create an account on the LociLoci website. You enter your name, email address and cell phone number and wait for a verification pin to be sent to your phone via text message. I received the pin code in seconds and was able to immediately create my account, find my phone on a map and begin using LociLoci. After setting up your account, you’re ready to begin adding family and friends that you want to locate. That too takes only a few second. Note that you of course need to receive consent via text message from those you want to track. This is standard industry procedure.

Features: Basic

As opposed to many of the complicated, more involved family locator services, LociLoci is a basic, easy to use service with a minimal list of features. Its sole purpose is to help you find your family members in the fastest, easiest way possible. If you are looking for a locator service that offers crime alerts, sex offender information, emergency SMS messages and other features, you will find that LociLoci lacks in that area. LociLoci was created to be simple and easy to use and features on the map interface are minimized so that only the phones you are trying to locate appear and nothing else.

As previously stated, when you log onto LociLoci, the map will appear with all of the phones you are tracking on it. They will be depicted by a cell phone icon surrounded by a circle perimeter to outline the area the phone is currently at.

What I like about LociLoci is the high level of security it provides to protect you and your information. LociLoci uses the latest SSL technology and highest level of encryption that is commercially available to offer the best security technology has to offer. Your information on LociLoci is protected against hackers, spammers and anyone trying to gain access to your personal information. You really do not want your or other peoples location information in the wrong hands.


LociLoci is offering a free one week trial for you to test the service. LociLoci offers one of the lowest costs for locator plans at $5.99 per month. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. For less than $5.99, you can monitor as many phones as you want and check their location as often as you’d like.

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