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Bottom line: After trying more than a handful of family locator apps, I’d have to say that LociLoci is my favorite. It’s simple to use even for those that are not so tech savvy and I’m able to track as many family and friends as I want…Read full review >


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Bottom line: This is a free and a solid family tracker, despite finding that the Life360 service to be quite overwhelming. The map interface seems to have a lot going on, especially with locations of sex offenders all over the place. As I said before, this is alarming and often inaccurate …Read full review >


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Bottom line: Having tried numerous family locator services, both independent ones and those affiliated by a carrier, I am more impressed with Verizon’s service than others. Its features, including notifying me when location service are turned off by a family member, the ability to …Read full review >


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Bottom line: While the Sprint Family Locator has endless positive features (i.e., safety checks, text alerts, time stamping, location history, accessibility via a computer and no need to download apps on phones attached to the plan)…Read full review >


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Bottom line: Overall, the T-Mobile service is better than ones offered by other carriers. The interface is more user friendly, it has the free check in option to try out with your kids first and it can be used with any phone on any carrier…Read full review >


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Bottom line: After trying AT&T Family Map, I’ve drawn the conclusion that it is definitely not one of my favorites. The price and limit to only phones on family plans is too restrictive and will not work with families with teenagers or college aged children …Read full review >


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Bottom line: Out of all family locator services I’ve tried, this is one of my least favorite in terms of cost. I prefer a plan with an unlimited ability to find phones without an additional cost.  I liked that it was easy to begin using MobileLocate but…Read full review >

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LociLoci is so easy to use and cluter-free. I get a great overview of my family members whereabouts on a map, both on my Mac, iPhone and iPad.
Mary C., 37 - Lociloci, San Jose
This app is like having OnStar on my kids’ phones. I can always see where they and not have to continually call them and bug them while they’re out with friends. I suggest apps like Life360 to any parent, whether your kids are teens or toddlers.
Wendy Hicks, Life360, Galveston, TX
I did not want to bother my teen sons during their long drives home from practice but wanted the reassurance that they were on their way and safe. Some may say this is intrusive, in my opinion, if I’m paying the phone bill, I decide what how to use the phone to help keep my kids safe.
John Anthony O’Neal, Verizon, Buffalo, NY
I got the Sprint Family Locator so that I could know where my 3 children are when they’re with their father. Their father has tried to take them out of the state several times and I've been able to know when he’s done. I highly recommend it it to any parent in the same situation.
Jillian Reynolds, Sprint, Burbank, CA
LociLoci is just what I needed to keep my teen daughter accountable. She was repeatedly telling me lies about where she went until I signed up for the service. Now, if she lies, I know within seconds by checking online or from my cell phone. It gives me peace of mind I never thought I’d have.
Larissa Portillo, Lociloci, Costa Mesa, CA
As a father of a toddler, I didn’t think I needed one of these apps on my cell phone just yet. That was until I realized that I could pull up sex offender info on Life360. I can use it to see the homes and areas I need to keep my daughter away from.
Rob Jansen, Life360, Scottsdale, AZ